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Data Management

BiddingX's data management capabilities are underpinned by a state-of-the-art data management platform (DMP) which enables the collecting, processing, and activating of vast amounts of data as one unified service. Digital marketers, especially those looking to win in China, are empowered by data to understand and effectively target consumers. We make that easy with a multi-pronged data solution that enables for effective management and activation to drive data-informed, smarter advertising.


Build a custom platform for your business on BiddingX technology


Onboard your 1st party data alongside 3rd party data sources from various providers across China


Create specialized audience groups based on your custom criteria and campaigns


Scale your audience through advanced modeling techniques


Convert audience data into actionable segments to improve campaign performance


Understand user behavior and glean insights on your audiences in real-time

Creative Management

Strong creative is the special ingredient which can make a good campaign, great. At BiddingX, we offer powerful creative services to guarantee your thoughtful and well planned campaigns are likewise utilizing intelligent creative, built for the user and environment, supported by the latest in programmatic technology.
Alongside our talented design team and using your own brand assets, build custom creatives that are adapted for China's unique channels, formats, and audience consumption habits
Dynamic programmatic creative
Utilize BiddingX's programmatic creative capabilities to build and serve custom assets, everything from copy to imagery, tailored to specific audiences using data inputs; this feature enables situational and audience-based creative testing
Sequential Messaging
Intelligently serve new, returning, and repeat users with sequential messaging to guarantee the right message is served at the appropriate stage of the sales funnel and user journey
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